Project was ordered 2018 by Indie Labs Ltd., a new player on the Finnish fast cash landscape. Indie Labs wanted to shake the lending industry with out-of-the-box thinking and a new type of quick loan product. The plan was to create a platform for profitable fast cash - a platform so advanced that it has an ability to beat the players that dominates the market. Mobile-centric and simplified approach would need to be designed specifically to fit the needs of today’s users in the P2P environment – investing in loans would need to be as easy as investing in stocks – and platfom should allow borrowers to get the cash within a few taps - in less than 10 seconds.

The service is now available in Finland, you may check it here:


In the very beginning we performed a study that covered mainly Europe and secondarily USA and Asia. Study was executed during a few months period, and the time was well spent on seeking innovations and something that differes from the crowd, including lending vendors (both P2P and regular), P2P money transfer services and innovative lending platforms and their developers. Also we studied the status on real-time payments and banking APIs, particularly in EU. 
Among first things that we learned was that there are special clubs and forums that share information on how to succesfully invest in P2P lending platforms. According to the creditors, each platform has their pros and cons and tricks how to set the various attributes to make the platform to return higher yield. After studying all major P2P platforms in detail, we realized that the current state of crowdlending is too complex: to invest you need to learn how the system works, which may easily take days to get going, and weeks to learn it fully. Managing these investments is equally complex: you need to maintain the portfolio regularly to gain higher yields.
We undesrtood that to make the P2P platform to be approved by a larger audience (not only by the ones who do it as a hobby), to be an attractive instrument to the ones who invest in stocks, bonds and other 'single-click' instruments (tap a button and you're done), we need to remove all compexity and focus on ease-of-use. It seemed that we needed to re-invent crowdlending. 
Another key finding (yet more obvious) is the yield requirement: today's investor is continuously seeking higher returns for his or her investments, with more ease. Optimally the capital should also be available for release within a reasonable period. 
Also we found that the most advanced fast-cash businesses are located in Scandinavia: mainly because of the advanced infrastructure such as digital and automated onboard, which includes ability to forecasting one's ability to pay back.  

Our solution

  • The UX must be able to compete with the most advanced fast-cash services in Scandinavia.
  • The brand image must be positive - to differ particularly from other fast-cash vendors.
  • A positive image creates organic growth - which will be a key factor for user acquisition.
  • The product architecture must utilize the latest payment, screening and banking technology - all must be scalable to new countries.


Competitors' loan services typically include various kind of costs, including hidden costs, such as transaction cost, monthly costs and more. Also, interest rates are often very high. To make image differ from other fast-cash vendors, we needed to re-invent the business model, by reducing interest rate and removing all loan costs - and at the same time keeping the service provider's earning on profitable level.


Our solution includes and fully automated and scalable loan-engine, which screens and classifies borrowers in seconds and delivers the cheapest and 'no hidden cost' loan products for the borrowers.


The product architecture brings between 24-36% annual ROI for the invested funds.

  • Investing needs to be as easy as buying a stock
  • Must involve some level of customization (keep the nature of 'P2P lending')
  • High enough yield to attract large audience.


No need for manuals | forget configuring investment attributes

We have developed a new type of investment process for crowdlending. The service operates like successful stock and bond instruments: to get going, you do not need to read manuals to learn how to configure various attributes that affect your yield. You also don't need to learn how to use a user admin panel with tens of functionalities and buttons. Managing the investment is equally easy: no further actions are required after the investment.

Simple | personalised

Cashmarket is a different type of crowdlending platform that makes the investment experience simpler, yet proactive and personalised, differentiating the experience from stocks and bond instruments, and from other crowdlending platforms. In practical terms, this means that as the investor you can define the profile and interest rate/risk (ROI) of your borrowers with one simple selection.

High yield prediction - 6-18%

For the investors loans bring between 6-18% annual ROI investment opportunities, depending on loan rate adjustment. User-friendly experience offers a richer interactive experience, including very simple yet personalized control of ROI, and easier follow-up as well as insights though graphical transaction views. We decided to serve loans only with small amounts, 200-600€, that come with relatively higher interest rates (ARP is 12-30%). 

Risk management

Every borrower is subject to a carefully designed scoring process. The applicant is screened against scoring engines and registers and the applicant’s overall financial standing is assessed. Finally, a risk class is assigned to the borrower, where the offered interest rates reflect the relevant risks. Credit losses are mitigated by selling unpaid loans quickly to third parties, revenue being returned to the investors.