CashMarket makes lending 95% simpler

Personalise with a single selection

What does it mean for the lender?


Lender does the investment virtually in seconds.


Lender does not need to log back and maintain the risk factors.


Lender may sit back, relax and wait for the returns.

Competitors' complex lending process

Competing platforms' lender risk management settings come usually with 50+ buttons, distributed in multiple pages, causes not only unnecessary complexity on user experience, but system also requires a lot of manpower when developing and maintaining, and particularly scaling to other countries.


Above mentioned complexity, in maintaining the investment, scares other than P2P enthusiastic – risk management is simply too difficult to operate by an average investor, for example to a busy business owner who wants to invest his/her profits, or to a manager in a private bank - in which case it becomes virtually impossible to transfer funds via the platform interfaces (simply put, it is virtually impossible for risk and investment managers to follow forums and facebook groups to find out the best practices and gain better ROI).

CashMarket's solution

CashMarket introduces an investment product that does not require risk management skills from the investor, but only a simple single selection is needed: RISK LEVEL 1-3.


This model not only attracts wider number of investors (not only the P2P enthusiasts), but it also comes with very easy scaling to other countries, as we do not need to consider how to adjust the 50+ buttons to meet local market requirements.

What does it mean for the service provider?

Easy to market

Drastically easier user experience for the lender. 

Less risk factors

No need to maintain complex risk management tools. 

Cost effective

No need to maintain lenders' risk management team.

Current P2P lending platforms are too slow to meet new standards in User Experience (UX)

There is no P2P lending platform that supports instant cash transfers (either inbound, or outbound).


Without real-time components, to-be-launched short-term loan service is already out-dated: in modern, fast-paced digital ecosystems, lack of transaction speed does not meet users’ expectations and causes poor UX. This applies particularly to borrowers, but also to investors.


CashMarket is the only P2P lending platform that supports real time funds transfer (inbound and outbound).


From the very beginning of the development, CashMarket is built upon a core idea of instant transactions, from digital onboarding and credit analyses, to matching borrower and lenders.


From the very beginning, platform is designed to support SEPA SCT Inst. - new European standard for 10 seconds fund transfer across borders, as well as PSD2 – that provides an instant access to users’ bank accounts for credit analyses.

Current platforms require too much manpower

Current platforms are built in times when loan rates were not regulated, and the business bloomed. Now, 2020, due to pressing regulations and pressing media attention to unethical practises, margins are getting slow, fast.


Yet, current platforms, in most cases, lowering the margins is not possible without risking the profitability, due to the ecosystem structure that is planned to be run with virtually unlimited funding, even a small operations may require 20-30 people, or more.


CashMarket fully automated and simplified ecosystem comes with exceptionally low operational costs: a business of 100K loans p.a. on a single market can be run with a team of 2-3 people.

This means extreme flexibility on operations, most importantly on loan pricing: we are able to issue loans with lower rates and lower costs than the competition. Low cost structure combined with the eye-catching visuals and extreme simplicity, leverages to substantially easier and cheaper user acquisition cost. 

Simply put - it's better way to invest in P2P loans

Very easy to start
You do not need manuals or guides to start investing
Try-first option
You may start as low as 200€ - no upper limit
Organic risk mgt 
You will invest in hundreds of small loans
Borrower screening is based on bank account transaction analyses
Simple earning
Investor gets their share from the loan interests - monthly. 
No fees
Investor pays to no service fees or similar
Very easy to use
You do not need manuals or guides to keep investing
Compound interest
Earn more by enabling CashMarket to re-invest your funds
Mechanic risk mgt
Investments are done in 25€ tickets
Visual reports 
You will see the transaction from real-time and visual reporting tool 
High yield
Investor may get 15% annual return to the investment  
fast repayment
Loan period is adjustable - optimally to 3-6 months