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RAINT is a Finnish Fintech start-up, which develops CashMarket platform and brand. Company goals as one of the most disruptive short-term loan technology vendors in Europe, by offering technology and various levels of partnership opportunities to other fintechs, lenders and specialized banks.

Current team consists of about a dozen members, including hard-core concept devepers from game and mobile entertainment, super-hero nerds, long-term lending and fintech professionals, as well as one of the most succesfull business owners in Finland. The athmosphere is international, and the stakeholding members are either shareholders, or commited employees. 


CashMarket Ilkka Ruotsila.jpg
Ilkka Ruotsila
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Ilkka is former banker, succesful FinTech pioneer, fully marinated in finance sector.

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Raoul Konnos
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Raoul is seasoned investment and fund management specialist.

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Matti Lannetta
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Matti is a multitalent in banking, finance and start-up sectors.